Facial is the art closest to the skinwhich works with the removal of pimples, acne and other spots on the face. And fine tone your facial skin to give you the most beautiful look. Here we are specialized with the skin treatment in facials and do the best and client’s skin specific facials to suit your skin to give best of your version.

With the use of the professional facial products like O3+, Casmera, Fruit etc.  with my expertise you just experience the best facial and adorable look you always wanted.

FruitRs. 400
Body shopRs. 800
CasmaraRs. 1000
O3+Rs. 1200

FruitRs. 400
PapayaRs. 500
LotusRs. 1000
Leaves (pre-bridal)Rs. 600
Leaves (Bridal)Rs. 1000
VLCCRs. 800
O3+Rs. 2500

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