You are not what you are looking right now buy searching the real beauty of yours, the real you within and outside. It is said that 1st impression is the last impression, so ultimately it’s your look and charming beauty which defines you in front of others and the whole world.If you want to be the best amongst others and most adorable and successful, it’s you who have to take care of your look and beauty.

Here I myself (Beauty artist and hair stylist) take care of your total beauty either it’s forehead, chin, upper lip, Eyebrows etc. or neck underarms etc. you will experience never experienced before and will have the best beauty services with latest professional equipments and products.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty…..John Keats (poet).

Upper lip
Rs. 10Rs. 40
ChinRs. 15Rs. 50
ForeheadRs. 20Rs. 50
Side LockRs. 30Rs. 50
EyebrowsRs. 30
Full faceRs. 90Rs. 250
Under Arms (Normal)Rs. 100
Under Arms (Rica)Rs. 150
Half Hand (Normal)Rs. 200
Half Hand (Rica)Rs. 250
Full Hand (Normal)Rs. 300
Full Hand (Rica)Rs. 400
Half Leg (Normal)Rs. 200
Half Leg (Rica)Rs. 250

Under Arm
Rs. 100Rs. 100
HandRs. 200Rs. 200
FaceRs. 150Rs. 150
LegsRs. 400Rs. 400
Full BodyRs. 1500Rs. 400

Fruit ManicureRs. 400
Lotus Citrus ManicureRs. 500
Chocolate ManicureRs. 600

Fruit PedicureRs. 400
Lotus Citrus PedicureRs. 500
Chocolate PedicureRs. 600

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